Personal Training Program

At this time this service will not be offered in person, virtual training only Our personal training program is tailored towards the 

client's fitness goals, needs, and interests. Our training program includes the following items on a monthly basis:





Guided Meditation Sessions

Meditation is an awesome tool to help discover peace within when there is sometimes chaos/ challenges.

During our guided meditation sessions we teach you how to quiet your mind and allow internal peaceful energy to wash over your body and center your energy.

Virtual Training Program

Our online training programs are tailored towards the client's fitness goals, needs, and interests online. This option is ideal for someone who is located anywhere in the world and would like assistance in reaching their fitness goals. Our online training program includes the following items on a monthly basis:






Want to burn calories while having fun? It's possible! In this high-impact class, you will learn key dance elements of Caribbean culture within basic dance routines while listening to the eclectic sounds of Reggae, Soca, Dancehall, and Afrobeat. 
The art of the "whine" ( a Caribbean dance term that consists of a circular movement of your hips). 
This movement alone works your core, which leads to toned abs. Burning calories has never been this much fun! All fitness and dance levels are welcome.

At VJB Entertainment...we care about the state of your overall health and helping you meet your fitness goals. We believe that health and wellness is a lifestyle, therefore our goal is to create an enjoyable fitness experience through our personal, online sessions and workshop classes.

Kids In Motion

This is a fitness class focused on keeping the children's heart rate up at a safe level through various ranges of motion inspired by dance, fitness, and games.


Want to unlock your inner goddess? StilettoFit™ will help you do just that. This low-impact class will leave you feeling liberated, sexy, and sweaty! Muscle control and resistance training are implemented as you learn a seductive dance routine during this class.  You are toning your body and burning calories. Wear your most comfortable heels/boots or sneakers and be prepared to learn the art of seduction. 

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Fit in the City 

What is Fit in the City?
Fit in the City is a dance fitness experience that is made up of two uniquely fun fitness dance classes(CaribbeanFit™ and StilettoFit™).
Our students gain more than just a great workout that leaves them sweaty. We meditate , unlock our inner goddess, discover a new level of confidence , network and pour in / exchange positive energy with each other.​

Throughout the year, we travel nationwide and internationally to not only provide fitness fun, but to encourage the empowerment of women. We enjoy creating an unforgettable experience for the ladies that attend our workshop. Each workshop consist of a meet and greet and two classes are taught.

"My "Fit in the City" Tour  is not just about looking good on the outside yet feeling even better on the inside. It's about  raising self confidence,  empowering women , inspiring each other , and of course BURNING SOME SERIOUS CALORIES!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~Vanessa J Barton                                                                             

(Please see a description of each class below.)​​